MC Cheat Sheet

Shortcut Description

C-o Drop to the console
Insert Select/deselect file
C-t Alias for Insert
* Invert selection on files
+ Specify file selection options (including custom pattern)
– The same as above, but for deselecting
F5/F6 Copy/move selected files

A-s Incremental search (A-s again to jump to next occurence)
A-. Toggle “Show Hidden Files” feature
A-Enter Put name of the highlighted file on command line
C-r Refresh current pane

TAB Jump from one panel to the other
A-i Make the other panel show the same directory as the current
C-u Swap panels

A-c Quick cd dialog
A-? Search dialog
A-h Show history

C-x c Chmod dialog
C-x o Chown dialog
C-x s Create symlink dialog
C-x l Create hard link dialog
C-x d Compare directories

F2 @ unzip Unzip selected file
F2 @ zip -r foo.zip Zip current directory as foo.zip

F2 @ 7za x Extract selected file with 7zip
F2 @ 7za a foo.7z 7zip current directory as foo.7z


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